Final opportunities to purchase discontinued products

Mayhew Tools responds to changes in demand by continually introducing innovative new products. On the other hand, certain products become less popular over the course of time and may be dropped from our catalog. In many instances, an item which lacks current overall popularity may be essential to the daily needs of smaller numbers of individual users. Please refer to the list below to discover what may be final opportunities to purchase discontinued products ... last chances to stock up on items that may be important to your own specialized needs.

Soon-to-be discontinued items:

Item No. Description
17753 MR01O Insp. Tel. Mirror - Orange
17759 MR02R Insp. Tel. Mirror - Red
17780 PL01 Telescopic Pilot Lighter
37037 Die Setter Bar Sub 41285
40149 480 5/16 x 7" Rolling Head Prybar
52102 3/4 x 12" Star Drill, Carded
28640 Ratcheting Hose Clamp Pliers
31030 1030 Brake Adjusting Tool
31034 1034 Brake Adjusting Tool
31047 1047 Brake Spring Install Tool
31948 1948 Muffler Remover
31983 1983 6" Nut Splitting Tool
37045 Old Forge® Hose Clamp Pliers
37547 7547 7 Piece Brake Tool Set